Saturday, June 2, 2012

MIS Mess

During Mike Cummings time in MIS, the Company remained an annual 50 millions dollar turnover company.
No wonder Mike was a solitaire expert. Some incidences come to my mind, which are cardinal sins to a professional;
1) On one occasion MIS did not invoice or rather forgot to invoice for its last slab of payment due from the client. The fax message from the client read, "please advise if you are interested to invoice by COB today".
2) MIS supplied some Marine items to a Company in Singapore of  $ 10,000. For over 3 months MIS did not invoice or rather forgot to invoice. I think it was more a case of a butcher being asked to do an engineering job.  Must be that one of the Bahrain based personnel was assigned the PM's duties and did not know one has to invoice for work done.
3) Jacquline Salis comes to the writer for an advise to set up an invoice tracking system
4) Muneer Khan received salary in Karachi Pakistan for over a period of one year literally just like that. Muneer wrote after receiving a message from MIS, I was wondering why in the first place MIS paid me a salary in Pakistan. Muneer was assigned on a call out basis in the MIS Marine yard.
5) Maroun Seman a Syrian Instrumentation Engineer continued to receive salary for 8 months in his bank account after having left the job.
More on the Dubai International Airport Boarding Bridges saga in the next post.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MIS's Business Until 1994

Until 1994 MIS's business included pressure vessels, small skidded packages, one odd rig refurbishment job and the evergreen labour supply contract. 1994 is significant because OPMI closed down and the staff who did not manage to get a reasonable package job came down to MIS.
The leader of the pack was Michael A. Cummings.

Welcome Mike! It appeared as though all at MIS Sharjah were donkeys and suddenly all of OPMI staff were due (or rather over due) for promotions and hefty increments. Mike played games. Job of a surgeon was assigned to a butcher and butcher become a beautician and so on. R.S Jadhav cme from Larsen and Toubro with a pressure vessels background was assigned an Engineering Manager's job, a shrewed politician many a jobs were lost because of this move of Mike. Typical of Larsen and Toubro Managers time had no importance at all in the world of R.S. Jadhav. I did this and I did that at L&T, I will teach lessons to MIS guys and go (R.S. Jadhav got taught lessons and was sacked!, this will follow later).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This is a story of a company called as MIS in Sharjah U.A.E.
The views expressed in this blog are as personally experienced by the writer and are his views alone from first hand experiences.
MIS Sharjah was formed in the late 70's by a genius of a man named J.M. Smith.
Initially MIS was supposed to be fabricating pressure vessels, some skidded packages, some structural works like platform and ladders etc.
But later on as some over brilliant people joined MIS, it was supposed to fabricate anything and everything including Boeing 747, I mean anything 'fabricatable' as long as Abdul Sattar could mobilize some welders to do the job as simple as that.
What is described in this blog is supposed to be a complete first hand experience from the time of birth to be gobbled up by its close competitor in the vicinity Lamprell Sharjah.